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Theater Screens, Lobby Screens, Digital Posters, Touch Screen / Info Kiosks

A perfect solution to manage and monitor ads and promotions on all your

cinema screens... great for movies too! And you control it with a single device.

Finally, a fully digital video advertising system for all our cinema platforms – with a web interface so simple that our secretary can handle it! We connected all our screens and theaters into one smoothly operating system. With CinemaAds TMS we’re not only saving time – we’re saving money!

Control your DCP server

Dolby, Doremi

Clear and simple management of Digital Cinema projection from one place. Works with Dolby and Doremi screen servers (others - coming soon!). Learn more

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10 reasons to use CinemaAdsTMS

1. Significantly less manual clip transfers

You would only need to transfer movies by hand. All advertising and trailers can be uploaded to CinemaAdsTMS and from there they will be automatically transferred to auditoriums. The movie distributors can also upload their trailers themselves, so you do not need to transfer them at all.

2. Simpler key management

Drop all your keys to CinemaAds and forget them. They will go where they need to go without further action.

3. You can see all your keys in one place

It simplifies movie scheduling and key ordering.

4. Centralized playlist creation

You can make a full-featured playlist in CinemaAdsTMS and it will appear in auditoriums immediately. It can also automatically load/start playing on schedule.

5. Clip restrictions

Your clip should only play in the evenings or only on weekends? No problem! You can add showing restrictions to specific advertisements and they will only be played when you need them to be played.

6. Easier to change playlists

You only need to change it in CinemaAdsTMS and it will change in all auditoriums in a couple of minutes. You do not need to go over each auditorium and change it manually. Also, if a clip is missing in some auditorium it will be transferred there.

7. Playback reports

You and your clients can get detailed reports about when and where each advertisement or trailer was shown.

8. No need for the projectionist to stay in the booth all the time

CinemaAdsTMS allows full remote control of screen servers. The interface is optimized for tablets, so you can monitor and control your screens from anywhere. This allows the projectionist to be inside auditorium and spot issues that are not visible through small booth window.

9. You can see exactly what is being shown at the moment

The new system allows to monitor playback in each auditorium from anywhere.

10. Better notifications when something is wrong

Clip missing? Empty playlist? Running out of free space? The appropriate people will be notified automatically.

Take a Fully Featured FREE 30 Day Trial